"Who among us is an expert on the human experience?
We have only the gift of sharing perceptions that hopefully can help those on their journey.
There is no such thing as an expert on the human experience.
The human experience is an experience in movement and thought and form. The most that we can do is comment on the movement, the thought and the form, but those comments are of great value if they can help people to learn to move gracefully, to think clearly, to form - like artists - the matter of their lives." The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav

International multi-award winning creative director, Ratih Luhur, holds a Masters degree in Multimedia Design (Honours) and BSc (Arch) from the University of Sydney. Ratih, knows about healing, through her own health challenges. As an international award winning designer she suffered a spontaneous lung collapse. From design she moved to airline, but after another injury Ratih was left in constant pain, pins and needles and numbness.

She embarked on her spiritual journey to gain insight and understanding beyond the physical, five-sensory world with the Higher Self Connection Course (Dip. Parapsychology) with Michael Liotis. Over the years Ratih continued her spiritual enrichment, completing courses with Brian Weiss, Caroline Myss, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Christopher Howard, Eric Pearl and other great teachers.

Soon after Ratih started her spiritual journey her physical injuries began to heal. Since then Ratih hasn't looked back. She explains, "I was born in Indonesia, my grandparents came from China, but I have Indian name. I used to feel trapped in my Chinese body and responsibilities. Now I have the courage to travel and share light with people all over the world." "You don't have to be physically ill to receive healing, anyone could do with a better change in life. It's about living a more coherent and intelligent life which allows you to search, locate, and synchronise better with everything you need at the quantum level. It has been instrumental in a change of career, a change of relationships, a change of lifestyle!"

Ratih travelled up to 40 weeks a year sharing light and information, teaching at seminars in Europe, USA & Japan. Ratih's impressive client and student list includes international celebrities such as Wieteke Van Dort (Dutch actress comedian aka Tante Lien), Swan Hildur (Iceland sculptor and designer), Juan Nakamori (the author of Angel Messages), Takanori Tamura (the inventor of Eight Star Diamond), Michiko Inamoto (the spiritual presenter of Miyazaki Sunshine FM), Rachmawati Soekarno Putri, Sita Sudjono (Metafisika Studi Club), Despina Kamper (the founder of Anxiety Awareness) and many others.

Currently based in Germany, Ratih works with clients throughout the world. She is available in-person as well as phone and email appointments. She conducts meditation, healing and spiritual development workshops througout the year.

Spiritual Journey


A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. A good artist lets their intuition take them wherever it wants to.” Lao Tzu

As an artist and a designer, my artwork is influenced by my architectural education and the great lecturers I had during my formative years. Late Professor Jennifer Taylor introduced me to the Modern Movement and gave me the understanding and passion for minimalist concept, especially Mies Van Der Rohe's "Less is More" and "God is in the Details". Professor Adrian Snodgrass nurtured my keen interest for symbolism in arts and designs with his wealth of knowledge in Asian, Islamic and primitive arts and architecture. Professor Tone Wheeler gave me the joy of design, the awareness and sensitivity for sustainability and environmental issues. All three of them, particularly Professor Wheeler, ignited the wanderlust seeds planted by my adventurous father

Upon graduating, my first mission was to travel the world to broaden my artistic horizon. With that in mind, I landed a job in the airline industry. With exposure to people from all walks of life around the world, I developed the interest for social and cultural diversities. During this time I completed my postgraduate study. Following an injury to my right hand, I embarked on a spiritual journey which expands my intuition and the opportunities for more meaningful travels both worldly and spiritually.

When you commission an artwork, a design or illustration from me, each will be intuitively crafted from a wide range of life journeys and travel experiences, especially for you.


Currently based in Germany, I am fulfilling my wanderlust as a digital nomad. There is nothing more valuable than experiencing a place with a local. Most of the time, I am blessed with the opportunity to visit local friends. Each journey is a unique enrichment for my mind, body and spirit. Follow my most recent journeys here.

Creative Being

We are created in the image of the CREATOR - our creativity is our TRUE essence. When we nurture our creativity, we are embracing our true nature and fulfilling our fullest potential. I am delighted to share some of my creative projects on this website. Each piece of work in my portfolio is an expression of my creative self.

Spiritual Journey

As an emerging artist, I suffered a spontaneous lung collapse in 1988. A work injury to my right hand in 1996 left me with compromised fine motor skills, constant pain, numbness, and pins and needles. With years of personal development as a spiritual healing teacher, I experience some improvement in my fine motor skills.

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Ratih Luhur

BSc (Arch), MMDes (Hons)
Dip Parapsychology Angel Intuitive (Hons)
Cert Practitioner of Tarot & Crystal Ball Reading
Cert Practitioner Mentor of The Reconnection
Member of International Institute of Complementary Therapists